"AmCham Hungary is the most effective lobbying organization in Hungary” - the Lobbying Faculty of the University of Economics in Budapest, 2003

Even though AmCham Hungary has already had a very successful lobbying history, we are only as strong as our members' participation.

Coordinated by the four Policy Task Forces and numerous committees, and overseen by the AmCham Board of Governors, AmCham Hungary has represented its members on a range of issues  over the years including corporate tax, advertising legislation, logistics, education and corporate governance. With each advocacy project, AmCham aims to voice the opinions of the entire membership and provide the Hungarian Government with recommendations that will enhance Hungary's national competitiveness.

AmCham Hungary, as a policy, does not lobby in the interests of any one of its individual members nor does it seek out or accept government subsidies. This independent and neutral position is a vital foundation for AmCham's advocacy activities and is also one of the main reasons why AmCham Hungary has become a respected and successful organization.

In the past, AmCham was successfully advocating for the Company Act, Customs Act, Electronic Commerce, Foreign Drivers’ License, Establishment of Investors’ Council, Public Procurement Act and Consumer Protection Act.

In 2011 AmCham signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Government and since then submitted well-received and implemented comments and proposals on the Civil Code, the Labour Code, the Data Protection Act and the Banktrupcy Act among others. For a more detailed report on our advocacy efforts please visit the Regulatory Committee page

In 2014 we remewed our Agreement with the Ministry of Justice and continue to monitor and comment legislation. 

AmCham Hungary utilizes a multitude of advocacy platforms including:

AmCham Position Briefs

AmCham's flagship lobbying vehicle, these succinct proposals are submitted to the Hungarian government on a regular basis and convey the views of the AmCham membership on a specific topic. Position Briefs are followed-up with round table discussions with the experts that have contributed to the brief and relevant government representatives.

Strategic Agreements

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (January 12, 2015)

Objective: to set the framework for structured dialogue between the two organizations in order to foster bilateral business, mutual trust and predictability. 

Areas of cooperation: drive foreign investment, increase the share of local SMEs as suppliers and enhance overall national competitiveness

Ministry of Justice (November 12, 2014)

Objective: to bring high-quality, effective legislation with the main objective to create a more business-friendly environment with a stable legislative background in Hungary. 

Areas of the cooperation: constitution- and public administration law, civil- and commerce law, corporate law, intellectual property law, data protection- and competition law, and consumer protection.

Ministry of Public Administration and Justice (February 24, 2011)

Objective:  to advance well-structured dialogue between legislators and the business sector during the legislation process.

Areas of cooperation:  constitutional and administrative law, corporate law, taxation, labor law and environmental regulation 

Representation in the Investors' Council

AmCham recommended setting up the Investors' Council in 1998. The sole purpose of this forum is to maintain continuous communication at the highest possible level between the Hungarian Government and the largest investors in Hungary. To this day, AmCham Hungary acts as the secretariat of the Investors' Council.

Legislation Watch

AmCham continuously communicates with the Ministry of Justice and other ministries and receives drafts of upcoming legislations from the government. Through the various channels of dialogue and regular personal meetings with government leaders, AmCham ensures that the member's comments are presented and suggestions heard.

For more, please visit the AmCham Advocacy Timeline

Domestic and International Partnerships

AmCham Hungary's extensive network means that it not only has the backing of it members but also other organizations in Hungary and around the world. In Hungary, AmCham has developed close ties with the Joint Venture Association, German Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian Venture Capital Association. We also work closely with a number of universities and high schools across Hungary in the framework of our educational programs. 

Internationally, AmCham is a member of AmChams in Europe, an organization consisting of 23 Chambers, representing over 14,000 companies and over $300 billion in investment in Europe and the USA. In addition, AmCham is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the United States.