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Key AmCham Facts


5/10 of the largest exporters are members of AmCham


12 out of 16 largest Shared Sevice Center operating companies are members


AmCham members out of 50 companies signed strategic agreement with Government


Number of employees at AmCham member companies in 2015


8 out of the 10 largest banks in Hungary are our members


6 out of the 10 largest electronics manufacturing companies in Hungary are members of AmCham


9 out of the 10 largest international law firms present in the country are members of AmCham


All 5 of the largest telecom service providers are our members

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Solti & Partners Consulting: Karácsonyiparti-ajánlat cégek számára a Mézeskalács-városban

A Solti & Partners Consulting és a Keresztesi Produkciós Csoport cégek számára a Dunára, Loire-menti kastélyokra, Csillagkapura néző telkeket különített el Mézeskalácsvárosban. A telkeket ajándékba adják, az építkezéshez segítséget nyújtanak.

KommPakk: A true communication love story - 10% off for AmCham members for all services

In 2017, KommPakk offers 10% off from the price of all services for fellow AmCham members.

Special offers from the Fitness and Health Club by Marriott for AmCham Members

Fitness and Health Club by Marriott has 3 unique offers exclusively for AmCham Members! Sign up now!

A mindful day at Hilton Budapest City

Learn more about Hilton Budapest City's latest offers!

Request your various discounts up to 20% by referring AmCham Membership at Gundel Restaurant

Located in the heart of the City Park, you will find the city's finest restaurant with an exceptional ambience and traditional Hungarian cuisine with more than 100 years of fame.