Our mission is to perform a legal supporting function assisting fellow committees and the AmCham Board, and operating as a workshop for many of the most highly skilled practicing attorneys in Hungary and the representatives of AmCham member companies.

We recognize the growing need for representing the interests of AmCham members in the Hungarian regulatory procedures in an effective manner. The Regulatory Committee aims to ensure that constructive, professionally grounded comments and proposals are issued under the AmCham header in line with the reputation of the organization. The Committee functions as a professional network of specialized working groups for different areas of law.


Committee meeting

AmCham has a well-established, formal cooperation framework with the Ministry of Justice and engaged in regular and direct consultation on its legislative proposals with Government experts. This renewed Strategic Partnership Agreement – originally signed in 2011 – serves as a manifestation of a closer cooperation between the business sector and legislators. This Agreement facilitates Committee members to be informed on the legislative agendas and involved in the current regulatory work with the opportunity to give their opinion.

Ministry of Justice

Regulatory Committee Chair:

  • Dr. Gábor Orosz, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Global Legal, NI

Regulatory Committee related news :

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