hr dream day 2018

The HR Committee started its work in 2009, and is relaunching its activities in June 2021 after a gap year. Our main goal continues to be more attention to HR issues in member companies, involving HR leaders and managers in AmCham activities, and creating a platform for sharing knowledge and challenges, while finding solutions by learning from each other. In addition, the HR Committee was also created as a platform for corporate and non-corporate HR professionals to meet and get to know each other better.


  • Widen the labor supply and make the labor market more flexible to ensure business continuity
  • Modernize education, university, and business cooperation on curriculums (adult and vocational education)
  • Enhance mental and physical health awareness
  • Get insights on the latest trends and innovations related to the labor force and its HR-management

Planned event topics and projects for 2021

  • Masterclass educational event series for HR Managers – Fall/Winter 2021
  • HR Academy for University students – Fall/Winter 2021
  • The future of the workforce, based on Global Human Capital Trends survey
  • How to provide inspiring, motivating environment at complexity, frequent changes, and uncertainty

HR Academy

HR Dream Day

HR Dream Day panel