New Advocacy Structure and Way of Working Introduced

new way of working 2021

In line with the principles of our new Policy Agenda 2021-2025, AmCham is introducing a new advocacy structure and way of working to increase our efficiency, allow more flexibility and provide more opportunities for members to get involved and drive initiatives with tangible, measurable results.

Board Ambassadors to Oversee Policy Areas

In the Policy Agenda 2021-2025, we highlighted issues critical to the country’s competitiveness based on input from members and the analysis of growth drivers of our economy. These challenges were categorized into three policy areas: Smart Growth, Human Capital, and Business Environment.

The AmCham Board appointed Ambassadors for each policy area to serve as liaisons between the board, our Committees, and Working Groups to increase the effectiveness of the advocacy work within our organization and to support the implementation of our goals.

Péter Csucska (Lexmark) will shepherd the Smart Growth policy area, István Katona (Celanese) will represent the Human Capital strategic area and Dr. Dávid Kőhegyi (DLA Piper) will support the work on Business Environment issues.

New Structure, New Platforms

With the new direction comes changes to our platforms to give members more freedom and flexibility to collaborate, address issues and share knowledge.

Policy Task Forces will be phased out and replaced with open Policy Forums to discuss the most relevant subjects involving the three strategic areas - Smart Growth, Human Capital, and Business Environment.

Rest assured, regular attendees of PTF meetings will continue to be informed about the events and policy activities in their fields of interest.

Additionally, each of our existing platforms will be designated to one of the three policy areas.

Committees, our longest-standing expert platforms will continue operating as usual and we are excited to announce the reinstation of the HR committee in response to growing demand from members, under Dr. Róbert Dobay's leadership.

Working Groups will provide members with the opportunity to engage in task-driven collaborations and sector cooperations such as BSS Hungary, the European Green Deal, and the Healthcare Working Groups which recently released its recommendation package to advance healthcare reform and start a dialogue with policymakers.

Initiatives are long-standing projects such as the Board Simulation, the Start Your Business! and Career Orientation Programs.

With the new structure and way of working, we become more effective than ever in our advocacy efforts, engage our members and give the best experts in the business community even more opportunities to work together to find solutions to the most pressing issues we face.

If you are interested in joining our committees, working groups, or initiatives, we kindly invite you to fill out this sign-up sheet and send it to info [at]

If you have any questions or comments about the new way of working, please contact Írisz Lippai-Nagy, AmCham CEO.

Kind regards,

The AmCham Team

*Committee Chair Elections

The AmCham Board called for nominations for four opening committee chair positions:

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