Policy Agenda 2021-2025: Paving the Way to a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary

policy agenda header

January 26, 2021 – AmCham Hungary released its new Policy Agenda, the strategic guideline to the organization’s advocacy work for 2021-2025.

The Policy Agenda – the third publication of its kind since 2015 - elaborates on those areas, where AmCham believes changes can and should be made to elevate Hungary. The document is based on input from members, analysis of the state of the economy, and the impact of COVID-19.

“We stand for US, international and Hungarian businesses that drive our economy. We advocate for their ability to invest, employ, grow, and succeed. We are optimistic that Hungary will emerge stronger after these challenging times and businesses will help lead the way.” – said Zoltán Szabó, President of AmCham Hungary.

AmCham is committed to work with the stakeholders within the business community and the government and marshal our resources to make an impact in the following areas which are critical to reassert and improve the country’s competitiveness.


Maximizing the potential of the digital transformation, fostering innovation, and increasing productivity, while creating a more sustainable economy.


Transforming education to build a highly-skilled, well-educated, resilient workforce and advocating for more flexible labor law and market regulations.


Advancing the formulation of a stable and transparent regulatory environment, a predictable and competitive tax system, and simpler administrative processes, while advocating for best practice governance and compliance.

These pillars are broken into 70 policy recommendations in the full document.

AmCham pledges to advocate for policies and regulations which support the recovery and growth of businesses and the creation of a more sustainable and competitive economy.

“As a community, we understand our responsibility to help shape a healthy, sustainable, and competitive Hungary. It can only be achieved if we not only make recommendations to the government but also pledge to activities and values ourselves. In the Policy Agenda we share our community’s commitments in the areas of Educating Future Generations, Leadership in Sustainability, Industry Cooperations and Promoting a Responsible and Transparent Business Culture.” – President Szabó added.

To download the Policy Agenda in English, please click here.

To download the Hungarian version, please click here.