AmCham released the Cooperation for a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary recommendation package for 2024 - 2025 on April 8 to continue a constructive dialogue between business and policymakers, essential for enhancing the long-term performance of the economy on various levels. 

Through the recommendation package, our goals are the following:

  • Providing a broad view of the domestic business, economic, and social environment, underscoring challenges faced by AmCham members
  • Identifying competitiveness barriers and provide potential solutions
  • Fostering an ongoing constructive dialogue between businesses and policymakers, to improve the long-term performance of the economy across multiple levels

Through our new policy paper our focus spans four key areas: 

  • General Business and Investment Environment including transition to a higher value added economy
  • Taxation and Competitiveness
  • Human Capital encompassing Workforce & Education, and Healthcare
  • Smart Growth centered around the key questions of Innovation & Digitalization, and Sustainability.

Our recommendations are in line with the principles of the Policy Agenda, the strategic guideline for our advocacy work for 2021-2025, and were created with the close involvement and support of our member companies. 

Download the recommendation package:



AmCham Hungary would like to thank all members who contributed to the making of this document.