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5900 Orosháza, Csorvási út 5.

O-I in the world 
Owens Illinois Inc. established in 1903, one of the leading packaging glass manufacturing company.
O-I producing clean, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for more than a hundred years for many of the world’s best-known food and beverage brands, in beer, wine, spirits, food and soft drinks segments.
In 19 countries with  69 manufacturing units, nearly 25 000 employees and more than 1800 patented technologies, O-I is committed to the most important qualities of glass, and for which it is passionate about glass: beauty, versatility and endless sustainability.

O-I Hungary Kft.
Hungarian glass production started in 1963 in Orosháza. Since 1995 we are working as O-I plant.  
Over the decades, the factory has continuously developed and expanded, and today it has become a major player in the Hungarian glass industry.
O-I Hungary Kft. produces flint glass container in wide range both for Hungarian and export market.  
With more than 200 colleagues and through the suppliers, it provides employment for nearly 3000 people in the region.

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