KPMG Hungária Kft.

Contact details:

Cell: +36 70 333 1415   
E-mail: mike.carlson (at) kpmg.hu


Partner, KPMG

  • With KPMG 32 years; Partner since 1996.
  • Worked in 3 countries: Canada, Switzerland, Hungary
  • Served numerous multinational clients in many industries and roles
  • Largest client: a major US multi and part of Global Client Service Team
  • Responsible for Forensic services involving investigations and dispute advisory
  • Accredited for Deal Advisory
  • Led Financial Advisory Services: including Corporate Finance, Transaction Services, Restructuring, Forensic and Valuations
  • Responsible for CSR involving setting strategy, encouraging employee engagement, monitoring impact and trends, and leading the CSR team

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, United Way – Hungary
- Responsible for reviewing the financial results, liaising with Auditor and reviewing Board activities

Director, ex- President and Treasurer, Canadian Chamber of Commerce


  • Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant
  • MBA, Purdue University / CEU – IMM program


  • Strong accounting, auditing and internal control understanding
  • Stat reporting experience
  • Strong team player
  • Positive attitude

Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

There are several reasons:

- AmCham’s mix of US, international and local members ensure an international and outward facing perspective, driven by business best practices and a desire to operate in an environment with transparent rules and fair treatment of players. Membership can be a signal of support and aspiration to the same goals.

- Opportunities for networking, finding business opportunities and learning more about the Hungarian business environment across industries through listening to and meeting business and government leaders, supplemented by AmCham thought leadership.

- Businesses are key stakeholders in society and government policy makers need a reliable, objective body to consult in order to formulate policy, understand the impact of their actions, and make better decisions. I support AmCham’s objective of increasing country competitiveness and working with aligned stakeholders. Having the ear of government and being taken seriously by government leaders gives enormous influence, and responsibility. Members can have a voice in this process.

- Ultimately a member will get out of membership what they put in.

What motivates you to be an AmCham Board Member/Supervisory Board Member?

I’ve been actively involved with business chambers in Hungary for more than 20 years, and have always been impressed with AmCham’s message, commitment to open and ethical business behaviour and ability to make an impact. Its success is measured in terms of international and local membership and continuing relevance.

My Firm, KPMG, has been a member of AmCham for many years and fully supports my initiative to be active in a more tangible manner. I am aware of the effort required by the position and will have the capacity to fulfil my responsibilities.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of Board Member/Supervisory Board?

I feel that I have paid my dues over the years and have had several roles within and outside of KPMG that have prepared me for the position.

Within KPMG, I have been a Partner for 23 years in several roles. As an Audit Partner specializing in serving US and international companies, and with experience with statutory reporting, I have strong accounting and auditing skills, as well as being immersed in the international business culture. As head of Financial Advisory Services for 9 years, I led a team of 40+ professionals in Deal Advisory, Valuation, Restructuring and Forensic services.

Outside KPMG, I’m a past Treasurer and President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and currently a Director. I am also Supervisory Board Chairman of United Way involved in reviewing statutory reporting and monitoring Board activities. I’m ethical and always focused on doing the right thing.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

I’ve been an active participant at AmCham events. As Treasurer is a relatively demanding role, I believe it would be an appropriate way to be immersed in AmCham and make a fuller contribution.