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PMI Budapest, a local, Hungarian Chapter is an organization that is part of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The chapter was established in 2003 and it works in association legal form according to Hungarian Law. Prior to PMI chartering the chapter, local project management associations and multinational and local companies in Budapest supported the chapter for more than 1 year and helped the chapter become part of PMI.

- Our mission: to build a voluntary project management professional community for the professional development of project managers, PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter is part of the PMI global organisation with a half-century of experience, based on a proven knowledge base and a certification system.
- Our vision: is to be the most influential project management professional organisation in Hungary with an active professional community.

As a member of the Worldwide PMI organization, the PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter, has project managers that work as a community of volunteers for improving the quality of the project management profession by increasing the recognition and value of project management certifications, building relationships among local and international project management organizations and improving the international recognition of the profession. The organized structure of the association provides an opportunity for the Hungarian Project Managers to locally utilize the professional background of PMI. The PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter offers the ability to organize PMI offered seminars and lectures in Hungary. This allow technical experiences to be shared to establish professional relationships with international organizations and other PMI associations. Besides supporting the establishment of international relationships, the association offers many opportunities to hold locally organized professional forums to exchange and share project management experiences. Its purpose is to facilitate the naturalization of the international assessment culture based on the results of our national educational system, and to raise the level of acknowledgement of the Project Manager professional.