Hungarian Research Network Secretariat

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Headquartered in Budapest, the Hungarian Research Network Secretariat (HUN-REN Secretariat) is an independent nonprofit budgetary organization established on 1 August 2019 and responsible for the management and operation of the largest publicly funded scientific research network in Hungary. 
The main decision-making body of the  HUN-REN Secretariat is mandated by a 13-member distinguished Governing Board representatives, each with a unique perspective and expertise in the institutional, interdisciplinary, academic and research sectors. The Governing Board is also supported by a 33 member Scientific Council and a 10 member International Advisory Board who provide external advice and recommendations on strategic issues.

To endow  HUN-REN as a forthcoming network of ‘think tanks’ for policymakers, addressing sustainable transformation while contributing to Hungary’s prosperity.

•    to acknowledge, foster and protect scientific freedom and promote research ethics and research integrity 
•    to strive for scientific excellence in basic and applied research in natural and life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities 
•    to efficiently operate the publicly funded research institute network with diversity, inclusivity and by equal opportunity 
•    to be at the forefront of scientific innovation that generates impact in key strategic and global sustainable areas 
•    to develop innovative and targeted research programs and policy 
•    to foster and advance partnerships internationally and regionally