Hammel & Hochreiter Business & Management Consulting

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1122 Budapest, Székács utca 9/a.
info [at] hammelhochreiter.com

Hammel & Hochreiter, the management service provider, quickly adapts to changes and provides on-demand manager resources, experience and knowledge in any company culture and industry, using a lean approach and interim managers. H&H is excellent at preparing fast and thorough diagnoses, providing support to companies in crisis management, business development and turnaround tasks, performance improvement projects and succession management for family businesses.
Hammel & Hochreiter has a permanent professional team working in partnership with other companies in many specialised areas, providing the best experts of each field – whether it is management resource shortfalls, career management or sales preparation. H&H also takes part in the training of interim managers so that they acquire extensive expertise based on the current realities of the market.