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EIT Health is one of the most significant European public-private partnerships in healthcare innovation and one of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the EIT. Comprised of approximately 150 Partners, EIT Health is a unique European network of top companies, universities, research, development centers, and hospitals and institutes. EIT Health’s role is to build an ecosystem that enables the development of healthcare for the future so that European citizens can live longer and healthier lives. EIT Health upgrades the skills of healthcare professionals throughout Europe, investing in Europe’s best talents, and facilitates the commercialization of innovative health products/solutions within the EU. The InnoStars cluster is one of the eight geographical areas of EIT Health. It covers half of Europe, including Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal, and additional regions included in the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme – the Baltic States, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, and Romania. This group of countries qualified as moderate innovators by the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS). For more information, visit: www.eithealth.eu