UNICEF pop-up store is back as an exclusive program series

UNICEF Hungary’s highly successful wardrobe fair will return this year as an exciting program series with new partners and well-known, popular contributors, jointly organized with the Világszép Foundation!

Guests will bid on pieces of original contemporary art as well as the most unique designer items during an exclusive gala dinner at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, and panel discussions will be led by Noémi Orvos-Tóth and Endre Kadarkai during the day on this year’s theme: trauma. The special wardrobe fair itself will once again be opened in the elegant showroom of H&M during the weekend, on September 29–30.




We cordially invite you to the final event of our POP-UP Store & More event series, a gala dinner with a charity auction at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus at 6:00 p.m. on September 30.

The host will be Enikő Mihalik, the auctioneer will be Róbert Alföldi, and Vera Tóth will perform during the event.Offerings of clothes, accessories, and jewellery from the most famous local and international designers will be auctioned at the event.

Tickets can be purchased online, and tables can be reserved for companies. Entry: 55 000 HUF/person; dress code: business attire.

You can greatly help the events by donating premium clothes or accessories that you no longer need but are willing to offer for a good cause. The clothes can be donated during working hours at the Budapest office of the ACG advertising agency (Henger Street 2/c, Budapest, 1027). Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, bags, and other accessories are all welcome.

The POP UP Store & More event series will include a panel discussion with Noémi Orvos-Tóth at 10:00 a.m. on September 30 about the impact of childhood trauma. The highly successful wardrobe fair will be held again in the H&M Showroom between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on September 29 and 30, where we offer branded, unique clothing items and accessories at very reasonable prices.

All proceeds from the events will be donated to help traumatized children through UNICEF Hungary and the Világszép Foundation.

More information and ticket purchase options are available here: https://unicef.hu/pop-up-rendezvenyek