Together for a more conscious business culture in Hungary

AmCham, along with three international chambers and a business club, signed a declaration supporting Bridge Budapest’s Initiative for Conscious Business Culture on November 16.

With the signed declaration the chambers in agreement with the goals and values of the Conscious Business Culture will help Bridge Budapest in shaping the mindsets and business culture in Hungary. After the AmCham, the Swisscham Hungary, BELGABIZ, the Belgian Business Club and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary were the first that decided to stand up and highlight the values that are incorporated in the Conscious Business Culture.


This year added a new dimension to business solidarity and close cooperation. The new and tougher restrictions against COVID-19 and the economic recession require all business actors to stay focused and to explore new solutions. In this challenging Autumn the Initiative of Conscious Business Culture with more than 1 000 conscious business players mobilized new energies as well. The Association believes that after the second wave these new partnerships will be able to add impulse and provide support to recovery. The Initiative of Conscious Business Culture and the bilateral chambers of commerce and business clubs who joined first are integral and influential part of the Hungarian business ecosystem. Like Bridge Budapest these business communities are also committed to sustainable value creation and long-term strategic thinking.

Consciousness is a competitive advantage

The joint surveys of Bridge Budapest and Opten and international data also show that businesses that are run in a conscious, ethical and value-driven way with long term thinking impose lower risk, generate more profit and build more resilience. For the clients these businesses are more attractive in general. In addition, these companies are more productive, they employ more people, they grow faster and contribute to a more formal domestic economy.

For more information please visit Bridge Budapest's website.