Tax Committee Recommends Further Measures in Meeting with Ministry of Finance

Tax Committee Meeting with Botond Besesek

On September 23, 2021, AmCham Tax Committee Chair Károly Radnai, President Zoltán Szabó, CEO Irisz Lippai-Nagy, and some of our experts from the Tax Committee met Deputy State Secretary Botond Besesek and his colleagues in the Ministry of Finance to discuss current tax issues, including the global minimum tax.

It is already a tradition for members of AmCham Tax Committee to visit the Ministry of Finance in the fall time and meet with the high-level Ministry’s representatives to discuss the current tax issues.

Tax Committee at Ministry of Finance

Prior to the meeting, members of the Tax Committee identified the main issues that they considered important to discuss in detail with Deputy State Secretary Besesek and his team. Our delegation proposed several measures to simplify taxation and reduce administrative burden on employers, e.g taxation of benefits in kind provided to empolyees, ‘hipa’ administration, further digitalization, deadlines of reporting, and some modifications of VAT law.

Mr. Besesek provided an update on the current state and the further course of the global minimum tax negotiations within the OECD and EU.

Botond Besesek

The constructive meeting served as a great opportunity to better understand the background of legislation measures. As the meeting concluded with both parties intending to continue discussions, Deputy State Secretary Besesek emphasized that they count on AmCham’s further suggestions and comments.