Tax Committee Discusses Global Minimum Tax and More at First Face-to-Face Meeting

Following many online meetings, Károly Radnai (Andersen), Chair of the Tax Committee hosted the latest meeting at Andersen in Hungary to discuss the recent experience and current issues in taxation, including the global minimum tax, on June 30.

Tax Com June 30

Radnai reported on the 5th Consultation on Tax Issues in the Ministry of Finance, where he represented AmCham. The consultation focused on the global minimum tax rate, the subject of many international economic discussions nowadays (OECD, G7, G20, EU etc.). The Hungarian Gov’t has conducted several discussions to learn more about the views of the companies in Hungary and to form the Hungarian position. Tax Committee will closely follow the development of the global minimum taxation.

Afterward, members raised some practical issues of tax administration and discussed proposals on how these should be simplified and digitalized. They agreed to continue working on these proposals with plans to submit the material to the Ministry of Finance to be taken into consideration in the autumn tax changes.

We thank Károly for the invitation and the opportunity to finally meet at the Andersen office for a great and constructive discussion.