Tax Committee and State Secretary Izer Discuss AmCham Recommendation Package

Károly Radnai, Norbert Izer

On March 17, the Tax Committee led by chair Károly Radnai hosted an online meeting with State Secretary for Tax Affairs Norbert Izer to discuss the 'Cooperation for a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary 2021' recommendation package and additional proposals from the group aimed to establish a more simple and predictable tax environment.

In his presentation, State Secretary Izer insight of the fiscal policy issues and the main tax initiatives of the Government adding that the Ministry of Finance is awaiting more proposals from the Chamber to address the challenges.

Although there are some differences on certain issues within the Hungarian tax system between AmCham and the Ministry, we welcomed the opportunity to hear the detailed explanation behind the actions being implemented and we received answers to our questions raised earlier. AmCham and the Ministry of Finance are in strong agreemeent that digitalization is the only way to reduce tax related bureaucracy and enhance Hungary’s tax competitiveness.

"It was great to see how much progress has already been made in the last few months and the pace of change is just accelerating. The motivation of AmCham and the government is common, to make the Hungarian tax system simpler and more transparent, making it more effective as a result" - said committee chair Radnai following the meeting.