Public Procurement Act in Focus of Latest Regulatory Committee Meeting

Regulatory Committee May 10

The Regulatory Committee held a meeting on May 10 to discuss the diverging interpretations of paragraph 62 (1) (n) of Act No CXLIII of 2015 on the Public Procurement and develop a common position.

The participants agreed to continue the discussion and monitor the court practice related to the topic.

The meeting was led by Dr. Álmos Papp (Bán, S.Szabó, Rausch & Partners), and the persons present: Dr. Zoltán Hegymegi Barakonyi, Dr. Áron Károlyi-Szabó (Dentons), Dr. Anikó Keller (Szecskay), Dr. Ákos Kovách (Hogan Lovells), Dr. Gergely Polony (MOL), Dr. Szabolcs Szendrő (CMS), Dr. Anna Turi (Schönherr), Dr. Márk Péter Baksa (online, PwC),  Zsuzsanna Varga (AmCham)”