An Invitation for Members to Provide Advocacy Input

Following the VI. Business Meets Government Summit our annual advocacy cycle is coming to an end, and the work is set to begin on the new recommendation package. We kindly invite you to become a part of the process and share your ideas, recommendations with us.
Time has come to compile new recommendations and proceed to help with the recovery and contribute to the sustainable development of the economy. This recommendation package is titled „Cooperation for a Sustainable and Competitive Hungary 2021”.
We kindly invite you to work with us and to please share your recommendations, comments, ideas, suggestions that you believe should be considered by the government to improve the country’s competitiveness. Our proposals are going to address the following areas: general business environment, competitive workforce and education, and digital transformation and innovation.
To stimulate your thoughts, you can find the latest Executive Summary proposals for 2020 HERE.
We would highly appreciate if you could send us your input, preferably in Hungarian, to Policy Officers Zsuzsanna Varga (zsuzsanna.varga [at] or József Gál ( [at] by November 20.
We are counting on your cooperation, knowledge and expertise in the next phase of our advocacy work.