FirstMed Budapest Joins Forces with  Cowbells, American Football Team

FirstMed, the premier American-owned healthcare provider in Budapest, Hungary, proudly enters the exciting world of American football by announcing its official sponsorship of Csepel TC Cowbells, an esteemed team in the Hungarian Football League (HFL).

FirstMed’s commitment to supporting community health, fitness, and sports is taking a dynamic leap forward through this sponsorship. This partnership symbolizes a fusion of shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence on and off the field.

"I’m excited that we can support the Cowbells and help the team achieve its goal of winning a championship," said Dennis Diokno, CEO of FirstMed. "FirstMed is an American-owned company, so it’s nice that we can promote an American sport in Hungary and help expand interest in it. Additionally, our sponsorship of the Cowbells aligns with our effort to encourage health and fitness. We look forward to the upcoming season. Go Cowbells!!!"


Dennis Diokno and Csanád Magyar

Reflecting on the budding partnership, Cowbells President Csanád Magyar remarked, “We are thrilled to welcome FirstMed into our Cowbells family. Further to being a cheer for the team’s pursuit of championship glory, their sponsorship is also a true testament to fostering athletic excellence in Hungary. Our collaboration with FirstMed heralds a new era for the team and our beloved sport.”

The Csepel TC Cowbells stand as a beacon for American football in Budapest, Hungary. They compete at the highest levels within the HFL and engage the community with the spirit of the game. From the gripping playoffs to their outreach efforts, like encouraging newcomers to try American football, the Cowbells' dedication to the sport is relentless.

With this sponsorship, FirstMed endorses the Cowbells' goals for the upcoming season and reinforces the ongoing effort to broaden the appeal of American football in Hungary. Fans and athletes alike can expect enhanced experiences, community engagements, and a strengthened commitment to health and sportsmanship.

Stay tuned for an exhilarating season ahead as Csepel TC Cowbells aim to fortify their position within the HFL, backed by FirstMed's robust support. Follow the Cowbells’ journey and game updates at, and discover how FirstMed advances healthcare and wellness in Hungary at