Eversheds Sutherland Attorneys at Law: Gradual lifting of the restrictive measures from 7 April

The date of the first dose of 2.5 millionth vaccinations against COVID-19, indicated in the condition for the entry into force of the Government Decree on the first stage of the lifting of protection measures, is 6 April 2021.

Consequently, the date of entry into force of those protection measures which were already listed earlier in our briefing will be today on April 7, 2021.

The briefing outlines the plan of the step-by-step lifting of those additional government measures which were introduced to mitigate the consequences of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic i.e., the provisions related to the 2.5 millionth vaccine.
Which protective measures applicability has been extended by the Government until April 8? When is it possible to reopen shops and service providers on a limited basis? When will the lockdown be restricted?

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