Eversheds Sutherland Attorneys at Law: COVID-19 The Government proclaimed state of emergency again and introduced further protection measures

On 3 November 2020, the Government Decree 478/2020 (XI. 3.) on the declaration of the state of emergency and the Government Decree 479/2020. (XI. 3.) on application of the additional protection measures in the state of emergency were published. 

1. Re-announcement of the state of emergency – Government Decree 478/2020. (XI. 3.)

As of 4 November 2020, to counter the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the Hungarian Government proclaimed the state of emergency throughout the country. The state of emergency will be constantly reviewed by the Government. During a state of emergency, the Government may issue decrees empowered to suspend the application of certain laws or derogating from the provisions of laws.

2. Lockdown – Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.)

As of 5 November 2020, between midnight and 5 am, everyone is required to stay at their place of residence or accommodation.


  • work,
  • going to or from work,
  • the purpose of life protection or in the event of a threat to health, life, or serious damage.

The lockdown will enter into force on 5 November and its maintenance will be revised by the Government on 30 November at the latest. 3. Music events – Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.) As of 4 November 2020, it is prohibited to stay at the site, organize, or hold an event which provides music services as a main service and which does not require redeemed seat to participate.

4. Cinema, theatre, sport events, library etc. – Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.)

As of 4 November 2020, in cultural and sport events only one in three seats can be occupied and the spectators cannot sit behind each other in respect with the 1.5- meter social distance rule. In the cultural and sport event’s boxes, in the event’s break, in the place of event the spectators must keep the 1.5-meter social distance from each other. The museums, the libraries and cultural institutions etc. visitors are also required to respect the 1,5-meter social distance rule. To comply with security measures, the organizer must exclude the offender from the visit and ensure that the person leaves the room or area.

5. Sanctions - Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.)

The compliance with the regulations is checked by the police and it can apply the following sanctions: (a) issue a warning; (b) imposes a fine from HUF 100,000 to HUF 1,000,000; (c) the place of event, or the institution can be closed at least for 1 day maximum for a year; (d) in the case of a sport event, the spectators can be banned at least 1 event maximum 10 events. Fine and closing sanctions, fine and banning spectators’ sanction can be used together for the same breach of obligation. The sanctions can be avoided if the organizer or keeper calls up the violator for leave and notifies police about violation. The sanction may be imposed on several consecutive inspections on the same day.

The mask wearing rules have not changed, but if a spectator is not keeping that rule, the sanctions above must be used.

6. Fine - Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.)

The person who violates the specified protection measures commits a misdemeanour offense. In the case of a violation of these protection measures, the minimum amount of the fine is HUF 5,000 and the highest amount is HUF 500,000. The amount of the onsite fine ranges from HUF 5,000 to HUF 150,000 and in the event of a repeated violation up to HUF 200,000.

7. Epidemiological measures related to public transport- Government Decree 479/2020. (XI.3.)

As of 4 November 2020, in Budapest as well as in the cities with county status, the company providing public transport services is obliged to prepare a plan for the more frequent use of vehicles for the following periods: on working days between 7 am and 9 am, and between 3 pm and 7 pm. 8. Parking fee does not need to be paid As of 4 November 2020, throughout the country no parking fee is payable in public places for parking with a vehicle.



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