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Two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, human resource managers are battling unprecedented levels of staff turnover as, after stints in the home office, individuals at all levels reassess their careers and life goals.

A recent study by Randstad, the recruitment firm, revealed that one in three Hungarian employees said they were planning to change jobs this year. An international survey by Gallup found that even in Germany, where staff churn has traditionally been low, some 40% of employees are planning a change this year, a figure that was only 15% in 2015.

HR Dream Day audience

“It’s quite an alarming and worrying trend. It’s really clear to us that retention and also HR data-driven decision-making is and should be our focus area for this year, and probably for a few coming years as well,” Timea Vörös, HR director at Randstad Hungary, told AmCham members at this year’s Fifth HR Dream Day conference, on May 30.

Jeremie K Brecheisen

After a hiatus of two years caused by the pandemic, the 2022 focus was, appropriately, “Re-building Motivation and Engagement.” However, flying in from the United Kingdom, keynote speaker Jeremie K. Brecheisen, managing director of the CHRO Roundtable at Gallup in London, quickly extended the remit.

‘Recipe for Burnout’

“It’s not enough to be engaged anymore; you actually have to have high well-being. […] If you are really high on engagement, but you are low on well-being, it’s a recipe for burnout, it’s a recipe for turnover,” he argued, citing Gallup research.

Emese moricz

Leadership development specialist Emese Móricz spoke on how new research in brain development impacts how HR managers should assess human behavior, while Peter Romero, of the Psychometrics Center, at Cambridge University stressed the importance of measuring behavior patterns in his virtual presentation from Kyoto, Japan.

“Here, I learned that there is no magic for employee retention. We just need to be creative and take care of our people. […] It’s all about how leaders, including management, take care of employees in the organization,” said one HR specialist in attendance.

by Kester Eddy, Budapest Business Journal

Panel Discussions: Engagement and data-driven HR Strategy

HR Dream Day Panel 1

In the first panel discussion featuring Jeremie K Brecheisen, Managing Director, Gallup, Adrienn Füzes-Szabó, HR Country Lead, BT-ROC, Emese Móricz, Leadership Development Specialist, Certified Life Designer Coach, Meditation teacher, Zsuzsa Varga, Managing Director - HR Manager, Arconic-KÖFÉM Mill Products Hungary and moderator Judit Simonyi, Managing Partner at AIMS International Executive Search & Talent Management Worldwide looked at engagement and leadership through the lense of changing workplace dynamics and hybrid work in different sectors.

HR Dream Day Panel 2

The second panel, with speakers Szilvia Bogdán, HR Director of NEXON, Martin Csépai, Director of HR Consulting at Deloitte, Tamás Gáll, CEO of Motivive Solutions, Ákos Kalmár, Head of Country HR at Continental Group Hungary, Tímea Vörös, HR Director of Randstad, Edina Sinka, COO of Randstad talked about HR’s involvement in strategic workforce planning and how data, and what kind of data can be used to address retention and solve other strategic workforce issues

Speed Dating

Participants of the conference also engaged in HR speed dating with some of the best service providers in the sector, including Menedzsmentor, Motivive, NEXON Ltd., Randstad Hungary, Simonyi and Toth Personnel Consultancy, and WLWYB, to talk about top of the line solutions, exchange best practices, and to cultivate an exchange of experiences with like-minded people.

hr speed dating - menedzsmentor

AmCham would like to thank Arconic-Köfém Mill Products Hungary, BT in Hungary, Continental Automotive Hungary, Menedzsmentor, Motivive, NEXON Ltd., Randstad Hungary, Sharity, Simonyi and Toth Personnel Consultancy member of AIMS International, WLWYB and media partners Media Factory for making HR Dream Day a reality.

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