Dr. Rose: COVID-19 full screening, even for mild symptoms!

Full testing for COVID-19 is available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

For direct virus detection we use the quickly administered PCR swab test, for immediate results choose the rapid test, or from venous blood the sensitive IgM and IgG antibody tests. Our latest test is the new Antigen (Ag) rapid test, which gives an instant result by the direct detection of the coronavirus's protein antigen, i.e. it can help to immediately determine whether the virus is present in someone.

The new Antigen (Ag) rapid test, which detects the protein antigen of the coronavirus, shows almost the same sensitivity as the tests performed by the PCR technique. Unlike the PCR test, the new Antigen (Ag) rapid test can determine within 10 minutes whether the virus is present and thus infecting someone. Sampling is done from the nasal cavity, so you are not required to arrive on an empty stomach.

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• PCR + antibody rapid test: the great advantage of the antibody rapid test is that it gives an immediate result, detecting the disease even 3-5 days from the onset of symptoms so you can see the risk of infection immediately, even before the PCR result arrives. This allows you to plan, e.g. meeting a family member at greater risk, continuing work, or to find out whether self-isolation or quarantine is necessary.

• PCR + IgM and IgG antibody serology: the IgM and IgG antibody test detects specific antibodies from venous blood. With high accuracy this can be used to determine the stage of the COVID disease in a symptomatic or asymptomatic infection, and whether an adequate immune response has been triggered by the coronavirus infection. The nasopharyngeal discharge sample test detects ongoing infection through the fluctuating amounts of virus in a sample, with no disturbing cross-reactions.

• IgG antibody serology: strongly recommended to prove whether someone has already had asymptomatic COVID disease and that their immune system has developed adequate, lasting protection so they do not have to fear a possible re-infection, nor pose a risk to high-risk family members.

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In order to ensure the complete safety of the clients who turn to us, the Dr. Rose Private Hospital screening is carried out in the newly established, completely separate Screening Center on Vigyázó Ferenc utca, Budapest 1051.

By appointment only. Payment by credit card.

For further information and to make an appointment: +36 1 377 6737.