Diversity is more than a checkbox – Navigating Multigenerational Workplaces and Generational Diversity at the center of the 6th HR Dream Day

The HR Dream Day organized on March 21 provided an insightful exploration into the evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Opened by Írisz Lippai-Nagy CEO of AmCham, and Ákos Janza, Vice President of AmCham, the event kicked off with a powerful message, emphasizing the need for workplaces where diversity is more than just a checkbox, indeed, ensures that employees feel valued.


The event comprised two main parts, each offering valuable insights and strategies. In the first part, Andrea Juhos, AmCham Hungary’s Diversity Working Group Leader (LHH), and our international expert, Christian Jerusalem (Wiseforce Advisors) delved into practical approaches to harnessing the knowledge and experience of professionals over 50, emphasizing the need to combat bias and keep the expertise of experienced professionals mobilized.  This is particularly pertinent given the ongoing trend: even now, individuals aged 50-65 often constitute 25% or more of the entire workforce. Moreover, with the number of workers aged 50 and over projected to increase significantly by 2040, the importance of creating an inclusive environment that recognizes the contribution of individuals in all age groups becomes even more pronounced, as pointed out by Mr. Jerusalem.

This was followed by a roundtable discussion on the competitive advantage of diversity & inclusion. Panelists, Gabriella Fodor (Lexmark), Zénó Kuluncsics (Bristol Myers Squibb), and Dorka Nagy-Józsa (Y2Y Hungary), moderator of the discussion, highlighted the role of diversity in employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. When addressing measurements they advised implementing regular employee engagement surveys.   


The second part of the HR Dream Day addressed generational diversity, providing a platform for discussions on the distinct characteristics of age groups from Boomers to Gen Z. Following the keynote of Andrea Princz (SteiGen Consultancy), panelists, Andrea Juhos (LHH), András Kohl (Tesco Business Solutions Hungary), Gergely Libertiny (Yettel), Andrea Princz (SteiGen Consultancy) and Péter Hajdu (Speak Well) shared innovative initiatives multigenerational workplaces can implement such as employee resource groups and reverse mentoring as promising avenues for bridging generational gaps and fostering mutual learning and understanding among employees. The event concluded with the closing remarks by Róbert Dobay (Menedzsmentor), HR Committee Chair of AmCham, focusing on the significance of skill diversity. He emphasized the value of assembling teams with diverse skill sets, highlighting the notion that everyone has something unique to contribute to the table.


The event was brought to you by Bristol Myers Squibb, LHH, Lexmark, Menedzsmentor, Tesco Business Solutions Hungary and Yettel. Hungary.

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