Cyber Security Regulation Discussed at Online Regulatory Committee Meeting

A small expert group of the Regulatory Committee met online on June 1 to work together and formulate recommendations to improve the cyber security regulation.

The discussion, led by Gábor Varga (Microsoft), focused on the identification of the main challenges, policy directions and problems on which more specific regulatory proposals can be addressed. Members decided to draw up initial drafts related to the following legislation in progress to discuss and work on them further:

  1. European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS);
  2. Directive on security of Network and Information System (NIS2);
  3. EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

We are thankful to our members for their dedicated work.


About the Regulatory Committee

The mission of the committee is to perform a legal supporting function assisting fellow committees and the AmCham Board, and operating as a workshop for many of the most highly skilled practicing attorneys in Hungary and the representatives of AmCham member companies.