Csodalámpa Foundation has launched it 1% campaign to support children suffering from serious ilnesses

Dear Members, 

We would like to draw your attention to the campaing of the Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp) Foundation launched with the aim of supporting children suffering from serious ilnesses. 

The mission of the 20 year old Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp) Foundation is to fulfil a dream of any child suffering from a life threathening illness.

Since the start of their activities in 2003 the members of the Foundation granted  wishes of 4700 ill children, all over Hungary with the help of our nationwide 200 strong volunteer network.

The Foundation's goal is to make the children forget – if only for a while – the hospital, treatments, and the magic of realised dreams make their lives joyful in order to give strength to a faster recovery.


Just look around – there are many problems around us, illness, war, earthquake, etc. when people need help. There aren’t less ill children, the situation of the families became even more difficult, and all this marks that there is need for the kind of psychological help our foundation can give to those in need.
Even in these unfavourable circumstances the Foundation has granted 309 different wishes in 2022.

The „1% income tax” scheme provides 20% of their funding. That is a very important part of our budget. Private persons are able to help through this means our mission of giving joy, strength and stamina to carry on and recover from their illness. We know very well that there are many grave problems around us, but this cannot justify to drop our mission of giving joy to the „magic lamp” children, fighting for their life…

In their 1% campaign we try to reach the HR departments of companies, where the management can identify itself with our mission and recommend Csodalampa to their colleagues. It is clear that each tax payer individually decides on whom to support with his/her 1%, but many of them are uncertain who to support.

To know more about the foundation, please find more information in the 24 page bilingual booklet, introducing Csodalampa Foundation. 

Hereby you can also find

In case you would like to receive further information, please visit the home page of Csodalámpa, www.csodalampa.hu  where you van read their by the PwC audited annual reports translated to English.