Competitive Workforce PTF Discusses Recommendation Package with State Secretary for Education József Bódis

FVP Csucska, State Secretary Bózsik and President Bársony

The Competitive Workforce Policy Task Force (PTF) invited State Secretary Prof. Dr. József Bódis to a roundtable discussion on AmCham’s 2019 recommendation package

AmCham Hungary issued its latest ‘Cooperation for a more competitive Hungary’ recommendation package in February 2019. State Secretary Prof. Dr. József Bódis was invited to discuss one of the most pressing matters for our members and our economy: competitive education.

At the meeting which was held on May 30, AmCham’s First Vice President Péter Csucska presented AmCham’s proposals and PTF members also shared their recommendations related to the following topics: the support and budget of the education system, language education, STEM orientation, the new National Curriculum and the strengthening of practical training in institutes of higher education.

Secretary Dr. Bódis confirmed that the Ministry is dedicated to transform the Hungarian education system to become competence-based and the new National Curriculum will be based on the development of competences, which is key for competitiveness.

The Ministry is also committed to promoting and supporting STEM (fields of sciencetechnologyengineering and math) education, and improving labour-market orientation in schools.

State Secretary Mr. Bódis highlighted that language education is a priority for the government and gave a summary on the recently introduced program that allows high school students to attend free language courses abroad.

AmCham members will have further discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Human Capacities to further examine education related recommendations.