Competitive Workforce PTF and HR Committee Merge under Róbert Dobay's Leadership

On March 24, the AmCham Board approved the merger of the Competitive Workforce Policy Task Force and the HR committee under leadership of Róbert Dobay (Menedzsmentor), the chair of the HR working group.


The topics and issues discussed within the Competitive Workforce PTF and the HR Committee overlapped many times in recent years and the same people represented their companies in both groups.


The merger was finalized when Zsuzsa Beszteri, Competitive Workforce PTF lead decided to step down from her position. We would like to thank Zsuzsa for her services as a leader in our community and wish her the best in her future endeavors.


After Policy Officer Rebeka Gáti's departure, the joint working group will be coordinated by Policy Officer Zsuzsanna Varga with support from former HR committee coordinator Ildikó Takács-Berka.


We would like to ensure you that advocacy work and cooperation in the areas of competitive workforce and HR will continue albeit in a new structure and setting during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Since many of us are forced to work from home in the coming weeks and months, we will hold online meetings on the Microsoft Teams platform starting in April to discuss priorities, topics and agendas  in light of the new economic circumstances.


Invitations will be sent out soon by coordinator Zsuzsanna Varga with further information.