Attraction rate and perception of the Business Services Sector in Hungary

ABSL, BSS, and Randstad organized a joint business breakfast on May 18 with a focus on the attraction rate and perception of the Business Services Sector (BSS) in Hungary. The event started with the presentation of Randstad's 2023 Employer Brand Research findings specific to the BSS sector, presented by Sándor Baja, managing director of Randstad Hungary.


The study involved over 7,000 participants worldwide, focusing on their awareness and interest in around 300 companies as potential employers. The results showed that in contrast with other European countries, in Hungary, diversity & inclusion, interesting job content, innovation and CSR which stand of a high popularity and importance internationally, rank lower on the priority list of the Hungarian labor force, while salary ranks as the most crucial factor in choosing an employer. This is followed in second and third place by a pleasant work atmosphere and the financial stability of the given company.

Industrial trends in the business services sector were also presented, with BSS being identified as an attractive although somewhat less known sector by the Hungarian population. However, in regional comparison, it is performing better in Hungary compared to the Czech Republic.

In the second part of the event, a panel discussion featured prominent industry professionals, including Kriszta Pusztai, Human Resources Lead at Citi Solution Center; Máté Fazekas, Corporate Communications and Employer Branding Leader at BT; Tamás Jakus, Country HR Lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific; and Kristóf Zács, HR Director at Roche as well as Petra Polgár, Operations Manager, Randstad.


The collective expertise and insights shared during the panel discussion focusing primarily on talent attraction, but also on remote work opportunities and flexible schedule shed light on the challenges and opportunities within the BSS sector in Hungary, aiming to drive positive change and foster growth in the industry.

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