AmCham, Ministry of Finance Consult on Global Minimum Tax

Károly Radnai, Norbert Izer, Botond Besesek

Following the tradition of regular meetings with the high-level representatives of the Ministry of Finance, on February 18, 2022, AmCham Tax Committee Chair Károly Radnai (Andersen) met with State Secretary for Tax Affairs Norbert Ízer to discuss the most relevant taxation issues.

Representing AmCham, Bálint Gombkötő (PwC) and Kitti Vízler (Andersen) also took part in the meeting, while from the Ministry of Finance Botond Besesek, Deputy State Secretary and Róbert Csabai, Head of Division joined the dialogue.

The main topic of the discussion was the global minimum tax, its status and the Hungarian position related some problematic details regarding its application and implementation. The parties also talked about the expected development of further digitalization of tax; and some issues on the integration of the local tax (hipa) administration into NAV.

Talks will continue.