AmCham, Central Bank Discuss Recommendation Packages, Cooperation Possibilities

AmCham x MNB meeting

On July 13, an AmCham delegation met representatives of The Central Bank to discuss our Cooperation for a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary 2022-23 recommendation package, MNB's Sustainable Balance and Convergence document, and future cooperation possibilities between the organizations.

Several subjects are of interests for both organizations, including:

  • sustainable financing,
  • green transition,
  • tax reform,
  • maintaining full employment
  • increasing productivity
  • data reform
AmCham x MNB meeting 2

The AmCham delegation consisted of President Zoltán Szabó, CEO Írisz Lippai-Nagy, Healthcare Committee Chair Etelka Dobi (Janssen-Cilag), Ákos Burján (PwC), Judit Firniksz (Vodafone), Ágnes Rakó (KPMG), and our Policy Team, József Gál, Zsófia Valkó-Juhász and Zsuzsanna Varga.