Alrite, the Next Generation Speech Recognition Engine


The Alrite speech recognition engine from the innovative tech company Régens Plc., offers a comprehensive remedy for a multitude of scenarios, serving as a state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

Advantages of implementing speech recognition in your life 

Ranging from your home to the specialized fields of:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media
  • Medicine

The application of this next generation speech recognition engine into everyday life is limitless.

You may be asking yourself, why transcribe at all when you can simply just type? With the use of Alrite, any task that includes typing can now be completed at a significantly rapid rate, as transcribing can be up to 3-5 times faster than typing.



Sources: Average Email (434 Words), 1 Page Single Spaced (500 words), Average Blog Post (1142 Words), 2475 words per workday

This in turn frees up a considerable amount of time that you could otherwise spend on something more productive. And this doesn’t apply to just speech recognition, you also have the option to upload an audio or video file, or even paste a social media link and have the transcription done within minutes!

Alrite is currently amongst the world’s top speech recognition engines, with an exceptional accuracy going as high as 95%. For any perfectionists, they also have the option to use the app’s feature which highlights words or phrases with low confidence level, making it easy for them to edit the transcript and achieve an accuracy of 100 percentile!

Once done, you can also easily share the transcript from the app via a URL which is also available for people who are not yet subscribed, as well as search for specific terms through several files at the same time.

The best part about Alrite? Aside from its many functionalities, you can take advantage of it anywhere, at any time.

By using its mobile application, transcribing in different languages has never been easier! Not to mention the fact that you can automatically translate between them with its modern, user-friendly interface.

Engage a wider audience by captioning your videos 

Adding subtitles has been proven to improve on the number of views and engagement that a video receives, as it is more accessible to people who are in public or have a hearing impairment while simultaneously being more shareable and having a higher reach. Not only that, but more people are willing to watch the entire video if captions are available!

According to statistics, 69% of users watch videos muted when they are in public spaces, while 25% watch them muted in private. Imagine the number of potential viewers that you could acquire with such a useful yet simple feature!


Enjoy the benefits of Alrite, try it out for free! 

So, what’s stopping you from trying out the Alrite speech recognition engine? Register and try an hour’s worth of its ample features for free!

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these amazing features and greatly increase your efficiency and productivity. Download the Alrite application for free at the App Store or Google Play.