AmCham Live! Tokyo 2021: How You Can Build, Unite, And Motivate A Team — Not Just Generally, But During A Special Period Focusing On An Exact Goal


The most successful teams in the world have their exact personality “algorithm” in business, sport, education, and everywhere else. People’s personalities define their decision-making processes and govern their final decisions.

  • Did you know that the SUPPORTER personality constitutes more than 80% of the most successful national teams in almost every major sport?
  • Did you know that the most successful NBA, NFL, and NHL teams have the same personality distributions?

So, what is the connection between sport and business in this case?

There are a lot of common points when it comes to building up a team. There is only one huge difference! If you make a mistake in team selection and teambuilding of a sports team, you can see the negative results after just a few seconds in a high-stakes match; you can immediately see your results on the scoreboard.

The business world is different because the results are only visible after a while, but believe it, the results are so visible there too! And who can “play” with whom, who can handle another teammate, and how they can do so—it is the same in business. And if you want success and good results, you need to focus on your people. That is: you need to know who they are. We mean really know who they are, what can move them forward, what can hold them back, and how they can reach their goals. This all comes from their personalities.

About Mentors & Partners Group

Mentors & Partners Group is Hungary’s premier consulting firm that specialises in organisational development. For multinational companies entering/working in Hungary, MPG offers unparalleled market knowledge, data, and access. We work alongside international HQs and their domestic outposts to execute organisational improvement projects. For domestic companies wishing to enter the international market, MPG provides complex international expansion consulting. MPG is the developer of reputable companies that are committed to continued development and achieving business goals. Based on these principles, we select partners that present unique business challenges or the potential for complex, long-term collaborations.

Our clients include the international headquarters of multinational companies, Hungarian headquarters of international companies, large Hungarian corporations, and SMEs. Some of our clients are active in the education sector, including foreign private secondary schools and universities, as well as higher education institutions. Our methods have also been successfully implemented in sports; we have carried out development projects with national teams, private clubs, junior academies, and sports federations in both Hungary and abroad. We were recently named the “Most Innovative Business Advisory Firm” in the 2021 Innovation & Excellence Awards.

Miklós Palencsár, CEO of Mentors & Partners Group
Miklós is a Hungarian economist, business strategist, and “business mentor” of business-owners, CEOs, national team head coaches, and university presidents.

Business mentoring is the combination of classic business consulting and business coaching, and it necessitates a long-term business development connection where the partner and the business mentoring firm work together to reach the partner’s goals year after year.

He is a co-founder and developer of the RISE System, which interprets and analyses the personality-based decision-making. He has authored four books about RISE, personality-based sales, the world of sport, and child-rearing.
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