Cooperation for a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary 2022-2023

AmCham released the Cooperation for a More Competitive and Sustainable Hungary recommendation package for 2022-2023 on June 13 to continue a constructive dialogue between business and policymakers, and to improve the long-term performance of the economy on various levels, including sustainability, education, healthcare, labor, innovation, digitalization, regulatory environment and taxation.

Through the recommendation package, we urge the government to:

  • pursue an investment-friendly economic policy that encourages innovation, promotes long-term sustainability,
  • engage the stakeholders of the business community in open, transparent professional dialogue and cooperation to support decision-making in economic matters,
  • invest signficantly more in the development of the country's human resources, i.e. education, healthcare.

The recommendation package was created with the close involvement and support of our member companies.

The 73 recommendations are in line with the principles of the Policy Agenda, the strategic guideline for our advocacy work for 2021-2025, and are divided into three chapters:

General Business and Investment Environment - recommendations aimed to support the creation of a predictable, stable and transparent regulatory environment, a competitive tax system, and a more effective cooperation with stakeholders of the business community.

Human Capital - proposals intended to help create a highly skilled, competitive and healthy labor force through labor code amendments and a wide-scale education and training reform.

Smart Growth - recommendations to foster innovation and R&D, advance digitalization, and elevate sustainabiliy as a driving force of economic policy.

Download the recommendation package:





The recommendation package was sent to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, members of his government, our partners and other stakeholders and will be discussed throughout the year at minister and state secretary levels.

AmCham Hungary would like to thank all members who contributed to the making of this document.