US Financial Institutes Working Group

Founded by four members, Blackrock, Citi, Morgan Stanley and MSCI, the mission of the US Financial Institutes working group is to  increase the attractiveness of the financial sector and show the benefits as well as the opportunities it provides to the next generation of talent. Project participants intend to nurture talent, support universities and attract Hungarian workers living abroad.


  • Provide a platform for discussing the challenges of the Hungarian labor market
  • Inform young talent about the wide range of activities in the financial sector and the business value they create
  • Introduce career paths and the benefits of working in finance


  • Joint communication in the press
  • Career networking events at Hungarian embassies in international capitals such as New York City, Berlin, London, etc.
  • Education cooperation with Future Hungary

Main activities

Future of Investment talk at Future:Hungary Conference

What does the future of investment entail in Hungary from the perspective of the three finance giants, Citi, Morgan Stanley and MSCI? What will the effects of the pandemic be on the finance labour market in Hungary and globally? What should the role of the market be in accelerating technological development and green transformation? Where should investors place their capital to gain the greatest individual and collective returns? What is the secret of these three successful multinational companies and what are their plans in Hungary?

Norbert Fogarasi, Managing Director, Head of Morgan Stanley Hungary, Veronika Spanarova, Managing Director, Citi Country Head for Hungary and Ákos Janza, Managing Director, Global Head of Offices, Head of Office Budapest, MSCI Inc. shared their thoughts on these important questions at the Future:Hungary Conference  2021.

US Financial Institutes



Participation at Brain Bar

The four companies - together with AmCham - were featured in two Brain Bar panel discussions to inform the young audience about the wide range of activities they are engaged in, the type of positions they have, and the business values they create.

In the first panel, young talents talked about their path to their current job and what kind of advantages they see in pursuing a career in this sector. The second panel looked at the matter from the investors’ and company leaders’ perspectives, discussing why Hungary is an attractive destination to large companies.

us financial institutes at brainbar

Joint interview in Portfolio

In July 2019, Róbert Ésik (HIPA), Melanie Seymour (BlackRock), Kevin Murray (Citi), Norbert Fogarasi (Morgan Stanley) and Ákos Janza (MSCI) gave a joint interview to Portfolio to introduce the US Financial Institutions cooperation and discuss the challenges of the Hungarian labor market.

Career Networking Events series in London

As attracting talents from abroad is one of the main objectives, BlackRock, Citi, Morgan Stanley and MSCI also participated at the Career Networking Events series organized by the Embassy of Hungary in London to support young professionals interested in opportunities arising at the Budapest offices. While featuring a selection of job opportunities, guests also had a chance to receive career advice from their HR and recruitment teams. 

US Financial Institutes