VishalAmin Meeting (08)

White House IP czar visits AmCham Hungary

  • July 04, 2018
On June 27, AmCham hosted Vishal Amin, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (known informally as the "IP czar") to the White House.

Mr. Amin described efforts by the US to establish an “IP attaché” network at embassies that would actively work with their European partners in countering Chinese IP theft, as well as developing best practices in effective IP protection. Mr. Amin also discussed the new challenges of Data Exchange between the US and the EU. The GDPR is of special concern, some US companies have even abandoned the EU markets in fear of being fined for the smallest breach of data compliance. Mr. Amin also warned that AI research efforts, to which the unrestricted flow of data is essential, and which is imperative for future competitiveness, may also be hindered by overt ethical considerations. The United States is concerned that currently their European partners are limiting their own capabilities in AI development in the three-way race in between the EU, US and China.


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