Vállalkozni jó! interviews with successful Hungarian entrepreneurs published at Third Entrepreneurship Summit

  • September 24, 2014
The book is a cooperative effort of dozens of volunteers, published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and supported by 30 publication partners, including 11 universities and 8 chambers of commerce.

The book can be downloaded free of charge from http://bit.ly/1op7Brp.

In the book you can read the stories of fourteen entrepreneurs:           

  • Péter Árvai, Péter Halácsy, Ádám Somlai-Fischer, Prezi
  • Péter Balogh, NNG
  • Gábor Bojár, GRAPHISOFT
  • Ferenc Darvas, ComGenex
  • Dávid Tibor, Masterplast
  • Gyula Fehér, Ustream
  • Balázs Fejes, Fathom Technology /EPAM Systems/
  • Ilona Jankovich, ProfiPower
  • Csaba Mészáros, Evopro
  • József Palásti, Fornetti
  • András Pfaff, StockFresh
  • Márton Szőke, IndexTools
  • József Váradi, Wizz Air
  • ifj. János Ziegler, Ziegler Kft.

Below please find the Hungarian press release. 

Vállalkozni jó! – Positivity and inspiration in AmCham's interview collection with successful entrepreneurs

The American Chamber of Commerce published on September 24 a collection of interviews with 14 legendary Hungarian Entrepreneurs. The publication, titled "Vállalkozni jó!", presents the kind of positive thinking that helped turn these small start-ups into successful companies. The publication is the result of the 2-year-long work of nearly 50 volunteers, for the ultimate goal of presenting corporate best practices and ethics to liven up the inclination for entrepreneurship. Although, only fourteen stories are included in the publication, there are many Hungarian entrepreneurs we can be proud of, and their number is growing day by day!

The freely downloadable volume (also recommended to be used as teaching material) includes informal and personal interviews with the founders of ComGenex, Evopro, Fathom Technology, Fornetti, GRAPHISOFT, IndexTools, Masterplast, NNG, Prezi, ProfiPower, StockFresh, Ustream, Wizz Air and Ziegler.

From the pages, you will find answers to questions like „What is blue ocean strategy?” or „Why is hustling effective?” among many others. You will also see why teamwork and cooperation is essential to success and why it is usually more beneficial to draw in capital quickly for rapid growth than to insist on maximum control. You can learn that it’s beneficial to allow employees to develop themselves and why it’s not crazy to wish for strong competitors. It is revealed that years spent at a multi-national may yield very useful experience for your own company and that a pessimistic approach is a guarantee for failure; sometimes you just have to make a leap of faith. You might not even need money to start: all some retailers require is a good supplier contract.

But the most important message certainly is that you have to have the courage to go forward, and even make mistakes! There is always another chance and we only become wiser and more experienced through our mistakes. Those who are too afraid to make these necessary mistakes will not gain experience and therefore won’t make progress. (Excerpts from the book’s introduction)

The publication debuted on the Third Entrepreneurship Summit on 24 September, 2014 in a lecture hall of Corvinus University, in front of an audience of more than 200 and was followed via live digital stream by many more at University of Pécs. The event was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, the US Embassy, Corvinus University of Budapest, CEU Business School and the Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. The goal of the full-day event was to present the Hungarian youth with the best practices on how to start their own businesses and grow them into successful, international contenders. Several domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, experts and investors discussed the questions of responsible entrepreneurship.

To read Chargé Goodfriend's opening speech please click here

The Summit was proud to host Robert Mitchell (pictured above) from the US, who is a seasoned expert of crowdfunding, a novelty form of community financing of projects and start-ups. 

László Czirják, former AmCham president and chairman of AmCham’s Governance and Transparency Committee underlined that the reason why the publication and event had been initiated was that: „Hungarian entrepreneurs emit a very positive energy which we wanted to share with as many as possible. In today’s tight economic conditions, businesses play a crucial role in every healthy economy. New and successful companies provide a large number of jobs. Hungary needs more success stories like this”. AmCham’s committee chairman believes the country has great untapped potential in the developing start-up scene, and in order to exploit this we need to develop a culture of positive thinking.

AmCham Hungary’s Governance and Transparency Committee has been running several programs for years which seek to improve of Hungary’s competitiveness and facilitate knowledge transfer between generations.

You can view the entire event online at Ustream’s website at: http://www.ustream.tv/amcham

The "Vállalkozni jó!" publication can be downloaded at: http://goo.gl/oUYMUW

The event was also supported by Sopreso and we are happy to say that participants were open to using the presentation assistant software - a Hungarian development - that is designed to help from the background via collecting contacts, leads and feedback from your audience.