Ministry of Justice and AmCham renew Strategic Partnership Agreement

  • November 12, 2014
A Strategic Partnership Agreement was signed by the Minister of Justice and the President of the AmCham, in order to facilitate closer cooperation between the business sector and legislators.

The purpose of the agreement, which had been originally signed in 2011 and was reinforced today by Dr. László Trócsányi and William Benkő (pictured above), is to set the framework for structured dialogue between legislators and the business sector. 

The partnership agreement is of distinguished importance, since it improves the transparency of corporate advocacy, and makes structured dialogue an integrated part of the legislative work.

AmCham - celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – believes that investors’ trust is a key issue. For the nearly 400 Hungarian and international companies (providing 35% of the country’s export and 180.000 jobs) that are represented by AmCham, the reinforcement of the agreement is a progressive step, which they believe will be followed by professional work that benefits both parties.

In the past years the ministry and AmCham had regularly consulted on different pieces of legislation within the framework of the 2011 agreement;  The Chamber submitted its position and professional opinion in a number of legisative areas, including the Civil Code, bankruptcy act and the Labor Code.

Signatories of the partnership agreement set the long-term goal to bring high-quality, effective legislation with the main objective to create a more business-friendly environment with a stable legislative background in Hungary. The signatories reaffirmed the previously laid down domains of the cooperation, such as constitution- and public administration law, civil- and commerce law, corporate law, intellectual property law, data protection- and competition law, and consumer protection.