ThalesNano Energy’s H-Genie® Smart Hydrogen Generator Technology Wins Prestigious R&D Top 100 Award

  • December 05, 2019
MIAMI and BUDAPEST, Hungary, Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Often referred to as the "Oscars of Innovation " or "the Nobel Prizes of Technology”, the R&D Top 100 awards are going each year to the most significantly innovative and ground-breaking technologies that have been brought to market. The H-Genie® is the only lab hydrogen generator capable of reaching 100 bar (1450 psi) from water without a compressor using a patented disruptive electrolyzer technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Szeged.

AmCham Hungary congratulates ThalesNano Energy and the University of Szeged on a groundbreaking project and the international recognition they deserve.

We believe this technology and the success of this collaboration are the testament to the immense potential business and university collaborations can have on the Hungarian innovation ecosystem.

The chamber will invite the founders to discuss the project in detail at an upcoming Innovation PTF meeting in 2020.

When combined with other functions, such as hydrogen consumption monitoring and compatibility with all types of reactors, the H-Genie® was praised as the first real hydrogen cylinder replacement for chemistry labs that makes significant advances for both lab safety and chemistry capability.

In a joint statement, the three founders, Richard Jones, CEO; Prof. Csaba Janáky, Chief Scientific Advisor; and Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President, announced:

“We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award. Only a small number of companies outside the US win the award, and we are only the second Hungarian company to win the award in its history. The H-Genie® is already improving lab safety and enabling chemistry in many countries worldwide and this is only the first of many innovative technologies we have planned in the next 5 years. With our strategic partner, the University of Szeged, our technology is already being scaled-up and adapted for the conversion of waste carbon dioxide to valuable products both here on Earth and also in Space. Exciting times are ahead and we hope this award will be the first of many as we continuously seek to improve lab safety, save the environment, and advance chemistry discovery.”


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About ThalesNano Energy

ThalesNano Energy was created by chemists and engineers with decades of experience in the electrochemical, catalysis, fine chemical, computational, energy, polymer, and manufacturing industries. We focus on developing award-winning chemistry technology that improves safety in the laboratory and expending chemistry capability at the same time. We now also focus on our expertise in solving some of the greatest challenges that faces us today, such as rising waste carbon dioxide levels and maximizing resources on long term space travel. ThalesNano Energy is a member of the Darholding group of companies, a privately owned upstream innovation hub that aims to bring disruptive innovation in the field of chemistry and material sciences to practical and commercial reality.