Raising together the awareness and the attractiveness of the Business Services Sector in Hungary

  • October 22, 2019
AmCham Hungary has been instrumental in a ground breaking cooperation that sees rival companies come together to raise the awareness and attractiveness of the Business Services Sector in Hungary.

The Business Services Sector (BSS) Attractiveness Forum, the first ever industry cooperation on sector branding, was launched by AmCham Hungary this February. As of today, 22 companies and organizations have joined this unique and inspiring initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the sector, make it more visible and to promote BSS as a preferred career choice for students in secondary schools and higher education, as well as career starters.


Since the launch, project member companies have joined forces to create the branding and communication strategy for the sector, including the industry’s employee value proposition framework. A brand-new website (www.bsshungary.com) was launched to provide relevant information about the business services sector and it is also accompanied by social media channels to connect with the young generation.


BSS in the spotlights at the HVG Job Fair

Beyond that, two major events were organized in 2019. Early October, the BSS Project had a dedicated stage at the HVG Job Fair, one of the largest and most important career events in Hungary. Among the all-day workshops and over 200 exhibitions, AmCham held panel discussions delving into the mystery behind the business service centers and the vast career opportunities the sector offers.

During the two-day program, 10 roundtable discussions were held each of them addressing a different theme regarding this sector. Speakers included employees ranking from CEOs to interns, all sharing their personal perspectives and insights on their career in BSCs.

Five panels focused on different aspects of the BSS, however, discussions were entirely spontaneous and were more oriented towards what the guest speakers—working members of the BSS community—could offer. After all, the main aim of these discussions was to be both informative as well as personal so that young, interested, potential employees roaming the job fair could relate to them and learn about a growing industry.

AmCham members jointly organized these BSS panels, and they continue to work together in promoting the sector with the strategic partner support of the Debrecen Business Service Centers Roundtable and Hungarian Servie and Outsourcing Association (HOA).



Open doors

In October-November, an open-doors event series, titled ‘open_doors@business.services’ will be organized, where the participating BSCs invite young talents to their offices. Fifteen companies committed have themselves to show their offices, explain the career opportunities they offer and educate those who are interested in what the BSS community is about.

The number of companies joining the initiative is growing, at the time of writing, participating companies are: Albemarle, Aldi, Blackrock, BP, BT, Celanese, Citi, Corning, CPL Integrated Services, Diageo, Deloitte, Eaton, ExxonMobil, IBM, Karrier Hungária, Lexmark, National Instruments, Randstad, TATA Consultancy Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Unisys.


Learn more about the sector and the BSS cooperation at www.bsshungary.com or on our social media channels under the name of BSS Hungary!