Projects and achievements of the Electronic Manufacturers' Committee in 2009

Projects and achievements of 2009

During the past three years member companies, who are in most cases heavy competitors, have built up a live relationship among themselves. The following achievements and actions have been made:

1. Continuing the work started last year, committee members have put together a complete training curriculum for one of their most commonly employed workforce, the SMT operator. The basics were supplied by training experts of the companies and the raw materials are just being finalized in the form of a comprehensive on-line training book by the relevant department of the Budapest Technical University as a result of a close cooperation with National Instruments.

2. Related to the above area, member companies participated in a full-day workshop with vocational institutes from all over the country. The goal of the workshop was to present and learn best practices in order to make the cooperation between vocational schools and manufacturing companies effective and resulting in tangible and mutual benefits for both sides.

3. The Committee organized a LEAN workshop in Debrecen to share best practices among member companies. To offer our members’ experiences in this field we invited members of the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well.

4. With the professional support of PricewaterhouseCoopers the basic figures and findings needed for a Position Brief titled “Electronic Manufacturing Industry as a Pillar of Hungarian National Competitiveness” have been put together. It aims to present the most important facts and figures of the sector including its weight in production, export, employment and companies’ direct and indirect (labor culture, etc.) contribution to the Hungarian economy and the hindering factors experienced in the business environment. The Committee had a full-day, high-level strategic workshop in early November and decided to finalize the Position Brief and to present it and the work of the committee to the current government and to the relevant experts of the opposition as well.

5. As part of the Position Brief project, the Committee has built up a close relationship with the Knowledge Economy Department of the Ministry of Economy and Transport responsible for working out the strategy and action plan for the strategic industries targeted for development by the government. Also, we have been in a constant dialogue with the Electronics Platform of the Association of IT Companies to join forces in the interest of the electronics industry.

We have continued our tradition to hold the meetings at various member companies, this year Bosch, National Instruments, Jabil and Sanmina SCI hosted the meeting.