Policy Task Forces

In 2014 AmCham Hungary decided to revisit the way it operates in order to:

  • communicate to members and all other stakeholders its vision, mission and strategies
  • channel the opinion of members on a planned, structured manner to the government
  • create the platforms for our members to contribute and
  • establish regular, well-planned and documented discussion with the decision makers

As a first step in fall 2014 AmCham Hungary reconfirmed its mission: “To be the most effective representative of the business community in Hungary, while promoting the global competitiveness of the country“, and defined the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report to be the measurement in reviewing progress made in this area.

Through deep analyses of the 12 Pillars of the Report, AmCham Hungary defined those 4 areas where AmCham can impact on improving the competitiveness of the country, being: Investment, Talent, Innovation, Healthy Nation. A strategic document, called the “Policy Agenda 2015-2017” was compiled to detail the challenges, the recommendations and commitments in these 4 respective areas.
At the same time the Policy Task Forces (PTF) were set up and annual flagship events and forums were launched for each focus area to provide platform for our members to join and input into the advocacy topics.

In June 2017 AmCham Hungary issued its second Policy Agenda 2017-2020 with the following 4 focus areas:

The following PTF merged into the Competitive Workforce PTF: 

Policy Task Forces are professional groups, which incorporate the brainpower and expertise of our member companies. Activities of the four Policy Task Forces are in line with the policy objectives as defined in the Policy Agenda 2015-2017. Policy Task Force meetings are organized regularly. 

As a result of this more organized and structured advocacy flow, our activities are easier to plan and to explain to key stakeholders. Our members have a better understanding of our next steps and where they can tap in to advocacy topics. Our government partners also welcome the structure, as they can now count on our recommendations, making it easier to plan the discussions and prepare ahead.

To join one or more PTFs please download the PTF & Committee Sheet