Patron Interview: Dr. Sándor Kis, Plant Manager of Guardian Orosháza

  • May 24, 2018
"We value to have through AmCham a forum to debate common business issues"

Why is Hungary a good place to do business?

Hungary is a political stable country with the successive governments understanding the importance of foreign and local investments. The whole framework for business to thrive in Hungary is positive. Also Hungary has an excellent education system and therefore a multilingual highly educated workforce.

What would you like to see change to improve the business climate?

Hungary is somewhat victim of its own success. The country has managed to attract so many investments that it is lagging behind with some infrastructure, certainly in some regions. I am particularly thinking of road and train accessibilities. Also the authorities should seek ways for trying to keep talents in the country.


What do you value about being an AmCham Patron Member?

As an American company, we value to have through AmCham a forum to debate common business issues. We also particularly appreciate AmCham’s excellent relations with the authorities and the Government of Hungary. AmCham’s endeavors put US investors in the positive light of authorities and the public.

About Guardian Hungary

Guardian Oroshaza is a subsidiary of Guardian Industries Corp., owned by its European headquarters. Guardian Orosháza manufactures extra clear flat glass in thicknesses ranging from 1.6 mm to 10 mm, for use in various fields including automotive, building and construction and heat insulating applications. Guardian Orosháza also produces coated glass (low-emission, so called Climaguard glasses) and special anti-reflective glass (Clarity). A new production line which will produce laminated glass will start in the middle of 2018.

This interview appeared in the May 2018 issue of Journal, AmCham's official magazine. To access all issues of Journal, please click here.