Patron CEOs Discuss Returning to the Workplace at Virtual Roundtable

  • May 28, 2020
Patron CEOs of AmCham had a productive virtual roundtable moderated by President Bársony discussing strategies and policies about returning to the office on May 28.

After a briefing about AmCham's activities since the outbreak and our focus for the fall, participants shared their experiences of remote working and introduced their strategies for a safe return.

  • All companies introduced strict health and safety measures to protect employees.
  • The return to the workplace is expected to be carried out in phases over an extended period of time with flexible work schedules.
  • Companies will assess which positions and units require presence in the workspace.
  • Employees living with children, elder relatives or high-risk people with pre-existing medical conditions are urged to continue working from home.
  • Companies introduced strict measures to maintain social distancing, especially in common areas.
  • Revised meeting and "hot desking" policies.
  • Many companies will introduce temp checks at entrances.
  • Supply workers with protective equipment, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers.
  • Based on the experiences of the last two months, companies are prepared for a potential second wave and expect an even quicker, more effective response.

Patron members are generally positive about home office and will expect to expand remote work as employees managed to maintain or increase productivity during quarantine. After a period of transition, online meetings, webinars and conferences were deemed succsesful. In addition, remote work accelerated the digitalization of various processes.

However, there are some concerns regarding increased work hours for employees and increased risk of burnout. Moreover, a large number of employees across the board indicated that they are uncomfortable using public transportation; therefore alternative solutions are under consideration such as transfer by company bus or initiatives like the Bike Project where employees can receive discounts upon purchasing new bicycles.

AmCham collected some tips for your consideration regarding the return to the workspace. If you want us to share your company's plan or insight, feel free to contact us. As always, we will provide a platform for our members to exchange ideas and best-practices about a safe return.

Since the outbreak, AmCham has worked with the government to represent the interest of the membership and the business community during the mitigation of the crisis and the protection of the economy. We will continue relying on your input and experiences as we focus on supporting the restart of the economy and a safe return to the workplaces.