Exlc CEO lunch with Szíjjártó023

Patron CEOs Discuss Economic Recovery with Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • June 08, 2020
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted a delegation of AmCham Patron CEOs to discuss the government’s coronavirus defense measures and the recovery of the ecomomy.

Photo by Lázár Todoroff

Minister Szijjártó said that one of the main priorities of the government for the rest of the year is to protect and encourage further investments in order to improve our competitiveness.

The Minister also reiterated that the government relies on the recommendations of the business community as companies contributed to the success of economic measures with invaluable input and continuous feedback.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some shortcomings in the existing legislation, especially in Labor Law; therefore, Minister Szijjártó invited the chamber to review the legislation and make further proposals to create an even more business friendly regulatory environment.

Since the outbreak, AmCham has consulted with the government on a weekly basis about the mitigation of the economic effects of COVID-19 and we are committed to providing further support to boost the recovery of the economy.