New conference facilities in the Castle District of Budapest

  • July 11, 2017
Held on 1st June of 2017, the opening ceremony of Hilton Budapest’s Ballroom marked the completion of Phase 3 in the hotel’s comprehensive renovation project. As a result, the first floor of the building now offers a completely renovated Ballroom as well as a modern conference centre satisfying all needs.

As far as the interior of the Ballroom and the related conference and meeting rooms were concerned, British design house Goddard & Littlefair was tasked with creating spaces fully in line with the existing image while also meeting the requirements of Hilton Budapest’s elegance and the business sphere. Another important aspect was that the multi-functional rooms may be used in variable size distribution so that they could be suitable for business meetings as well as private events.

The renewed Ballroom is a perfect venue for gala dinners, conferences or other events as its 510-sqm size and 600-person capacity meets any demands. Equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual systems such as BOSE audio, professional data transmission devices and high-resolution screens, the Ballroom also has new furniture, curtains and carpets that match the elegance of any high-key event.

In addition to the Ballroom, the grand meeting room, which can be subdivided into three rooms (Endre, Béla, Levente), the separate conference room (Gizella) and four other Boardrooms have all been renewed as well. With a total area of 104 sqms and a capacity for as many as 106 participants, Endre-Béla-Levente meeting rooms are 35 sqms each. The enormous windows of the rooms offer a magnificent view on the Matthias Church. Ideal for meetings with 10 participants, the renovated Boardrooms provide user-friendly, touch-screen-controlled lighting, projector and audio technology along with window shading designed to fully shut out external lights. Owing to the high technology applied, guests can follow each moment of the Ballroom via the 60 inch smart HDTV sets installed in the rooms. With their views on the Parliament or the Dominican yard, the elegant air-conditioned rooms couple comfort with technical solutions.

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