National prescription for health - with unity

  • March 08, 2012
GE takes a leading role in the campaign

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Ten years ago when the organised screening of breast cancer started, 38 percent of Hungarian women frequented regularly the preventive monitorings. Today this can be stated about every second woman. Although this is already a huge success, the goal is to reach 70 percent. This is the critical mass that diminishes the rate of death, because the illness is discovered at an early stage – says Dr. László Vass, secretary of the Bridge of Health Alliance (Egészség Hídja Összefogás Egyesület), the Hungarian organiser of the campaign against breast cancer.

The campaign, of which the main event is the annual walk across the pink-lit Chain Bridge, was and still is unique in the Eastern-Central-European region since 2002. 

Ten years ago when the initiative of the Bridge of Health has been launched, this was the first health awareness campiagn of  such magnitude and media inquiry. Nancy G. Brinker, the United States’s former ambassador of Hungary asked GE to plan the event and the concept. The Bridge of Health, illuminated in pink for one October night, became a symbol of the fight against breast cancer. The cooperation of GE and the Association did not stop here. The company, in collaboration with the association has started a so-called PartnerChain which is open for companies who consider employees health awareness and education important. Today 18 companies assist to promote the message of preserving health and regular screenings.

The American Chamber of Commerce also plays an active role in inviting CEOs to the project. Therefore since last year a hundred thousand employees are able to access information about how the screenings work and how the sickness can be prevented if a healthier lifestyle is maintained.