Mr. Zoltán CZIBÓK

Candidate for Second Vice President
Candidate for Board-Member-at-large (if not elected as Second Vice President)

Managing Director
DXC Technology Hungary Ltd.

Contact details:
Cell: +36-20-9612350    
E-mail: zoltan.czibok (at)

Zoltan Czibok is the Managing Director for DXC Technology Hungary Ltd. appointed to this position in December 2016.
He spent mainly his carrier in a multinational environment. Managing business in different industries and segments. He was responsible for all the LOBs in one country and also just for one portfolio element for multi-countries mainly in utility, public, manufacturing and financial sector vary in the countries of South-East Europe region.
His specialty is managing change in complex and turbulent environment especially in a merger&acquisition situation. He drove his teams through successfully in plenty of organizational changes. Last time in the DXC Technology spin-off merger. Gained the Country of The Year award in recognition the first year performance of the Hungarian subsidiary. He believes in his team and in team work.
During his carrier he was taking P&L and sales responsibilities as well. Today he responsible for revenue, profitability and sales targets.
He was the founder secretary of PMI Budapest Hungarian Chapter and he is taking responsibility in the advisory body. Also he is the member of Ethical Committee of the Hungarian Project Management Association.
In spite of his solid knowledge and experiences in ICT Sector he is fan of new technologies and helping clients maximizing their business benefit during the digital transportation journey.
He is a mechanical engineer and technical teacher and passed her MBA in 2002. He lives in family with two teenager sons. His hobby is motorcycling and long-distance running.

Why do you think membership in the American Chamber of Commerce is important for businesses operating in Hungary?

AmCham is the most active foreign Chamber of Commerce in Hungary. It is a kind of mandatory and logical choice not only for all American companies, but also to any other companies in Hungary to join. American Chamber of Commerce plays a critical role in communication and interaction with Hungarian Government and other important bodies in many areas and from my perspective it is a very important partner for key stakeholders towards shaping the environment, policies and legislation. Amcham creating plenty of events and possibilities for networking, knowledge and info sharing also giving room for open discussions helping the business growth with all participants.

What motivates you to be an AmCham Board Member/Supervisory Board Member?

As a leader for an US-based local company I very much appreciated the results gained by Amcham and also makes me motivated to be active part of it forming the strategy and executing further.
Personally I believe in the Hungarian market and people and would be a pleasure to work on shaping the economy into the direction maximizing outcomes for society and business as well.
Digital transformation is an area of mine would help people to access education, run businesses more efficiently, improved healthcare and industry 4.0 connect with others also help business environment to bring many innovation and encourage entrepreneurship by reducing cost of capital needed to start a business. We should strongly focus on this possibilities in connection with Amcham and it inspire me to work on it.
I also would like to be active part of Career Orientation program to reach talented youngers to help them deeply understanding the economic and business environment on the other hand this program could give a lot of new valuable aspects to the career ambassadors as well.

Why do you feel you are qualified? What skills do you bring to the position of Board Member/Supervisory Board?

I represent DXC Technology the biggest independent technology provider in the world with 140 000 employees in 70+ countries and close to 1000 employee in Hungary.
As for my personal contribution to the Board of Directors, if my nomination is selected, it
would be based on my professional ICT experience and more than 20 years I spent
on various positions within Digital/Compaq/HP/HPE/DXC Corporation. Occupying several different leadership team positions helped me to collect and share business knowledge in networking within various local, regional and personal fields. Furthermore, my professional background gave
me the opportunity to gather experience which would be a pleasure for me to share and
spread when working with local companies and organizations. Life is teaching me to manoeuvre between work and my energetic family with two teenagers give me other kind of great challenges and reusable new skills.
I believe that my background, ideas, deep environment knowledge, broad network and energy could contribute and add value to the overall output of AmCham.

How have you been active in AmCham over the course of the last two years?

As a kind of new comer I jumped into the Digitalization Policy Task Force. During last year I took active part of shaping the first Digital Mythbusting flagship conference. We addressed the evergreen question “How do you get your business ready for the day after tomorrow”. I believe this event helped a lot to strengthen Amcham position in digital sky.
Also I am committed part of the Carrier Orientation Program community, as an ambassador.
It is obvious that on top of serving on the Board, I am planning to be highly engaged further in this areas.